Yuuhi Allen is the deuteragonist of Konepa und Sterne. She is the roommate of Konepa, who immediately becomes her best friend.

Appearance Edit

Yuuhi's hair is usually in a hairstyle vaguely resembling a pompadour. Her hair colour is orange and her eyes are blue. Sometimes, she wears a yellow hair clip. When she wears her hair down, it's much longer, reaching her mid-back.

She's taller than Konepa by at least five inches.

Unlike her best friend, she wears different outfits often. Her most common one is a simple T-shirt bearing the text "BEST GIRL".

Personality Edit

Yuuhi's personality is deliberately made so that she is the polar opposite of Konepa. Unlike her friend, Yuuhi is very optimistic and loud. She's very excitable and loves challenges.

She's shown as a popular person with many people admiring her.

Despite her identity as a trans female, Yuuhi shows an appreciation for masculinity. She'll engage in things not viewed as being stereotypically "feminine".

A problem of hers is that she has extreme trouble addressing her personal issues by herself.

Like Konepa, Yuuhi enjoys anime. Her favourite series is Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuuhi is trilingual. She can speak English (her first language), Japanese (her second language) and Spanish (her third language). She claims to be the worst at Japanese.

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