"People like you annoy me."

Konepa (last name unknown) is a Japanese schoolgirl who moved to America and is studying abroad. She is the main protagonist of Konepa und Sterne, along with Yuuhi.

Appearance Edit

Konepa is a short young woman. She appears much younger than she actually is. According to Yuuhi, Konepa is actually 5 feet tall at the very most.

Her hair is dark grey and her eyes are dark green. Her irises are small due to the art style of the series. Her hair is consistently shown to be at about the same length as her head and she wears pink hair accessories.

Usually she wears a dark grey jacket with a dark green shirt underneath. The shirt reaches her knees in her initial appearance.

Personality Edit

Konepa is a rough individual who tries to be cool. She is very cold to anyone who isn't her friend and is known to have a very foul mouth. Her personality is very blunt. She's usually shown frowning in artwork.

Despite all of this, she shows genuine care for her friends. She has some sense of humour, and is easily amused by Yuuhi's jokes.

One of Konepa's interests is a few different anime, mainly shonen and comedy. She claims to have been inspired by Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, who, according to Yuuhi, seems to influenced many aspects of her personality.

She doesn't see the point in romance, therefore making her aromantic. Although she's not repulsed by romance, she often expresses a dislike of lovey-dovey people.

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